Little about us and why "Indifferent Music"?

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 Hello, my name is Jenia Polskih, I’m the creator of the Indifferent Music. If you are reading this article, so you really interested to know more about us. So, let's begin. First, a little about me. I’m the composer, sound engineer and sound producer. I have music degree under my belt, extensive experience in recording studios and live performances. When I was working on different people, I had a dream – to found my own recording studio. Dream came true in 2008 year. Over these years I have met friends and future partners; studio has gained customers and has become a meeting place for good musicians. At the time of foundation, there was only the required minimum  from equipment, and now all necessary tools are at our disposal to create a qualitative product. And this is not the end at all. We continually upgrade our software and hardware by the new equipment.

 On duty, I had to write a lot of music, both commercial and just for pleasure. Because my music was stylistically diverse, I was published under various names, one of the most successful - "Indifferent Guy" (you will be able to meet with some of the releases in the section Label). From this name was born - "Indifferent Music".

 Time was going, and our studio got more complex projects. We cooperated with the professional writers, composers and session musicians. As a result  our team was formed.

 What our goals are? The answer is really simple – to create and publish qualitative audio content, to love our work and to develop continually. To be useful and to bring more good music to the world!

At the end I would like to say one thing. We really love what we do and just try to do it well!