In addition to all of our services, we offer you the creation of the musical composition from scratch. We do it according to your clearly needs  and with full transfer of copyright. Do you need the exclusive music for the film, advertising, video games or presentation? Or maybe you are an independent artist and you need a complete song, don’t you? You've come to the right place! Our team will help you with that! We have all the necessary experience and resources to create a qualitative product.

You only need to create a clear technical task for us. You have to describe the style, duration, genre, purpose of your future track in great detail. First of all you need to provide us 3 - 5 tracks with almost stylistically and qualitatively type to the desired result of the work. Please remember, if you will give us more information, our team will do a qualitative product specifically for your task the better way!

The cost of such project is determined only after receiving the expanded technical task. It is also depending on the complexity of the project. The terms and number of intermediate versions will also negotiate individually for approval. Are you ready? Or still in doubt? In any case, contact us and we will answer to all your questions!