• Why does the girl say "AudioJungle" in each track in your library?

    Don't worry, this is the so-called "watermark" in order to eliminate the illegal use of music. After your payment for the song you will see a link to download the file in the highest quality and without "watermark".

  • How to pay for your services?

    All tracks, that you find in the section Production Music, placed on the most popular stoke service Audiojungle, payment is made directly on this service. We chose it to host our music because it has reasonable prices and the service is trusted by more than 1.5 million customers. Payments from section Studio Services carried out by billing, which you will get on e-mail with instructions (payment system Payoneer). It is also possible to pay using a payment system Skrill.

  • Why don’t you accept PayPal?

    Our main studio, as well as the most part of the team is located on territory of Ukraine. Local law doesn’t allow accepting PayPal payments to the residents and businesses of our country. There are many ways to bypass this limitation, but we are working honestly! We respect the law and will not break it! Dialogue is already underway between PayPal and the legislative bodies of Ukraine; therefore, most likely the removal process of these restrictions is a matter of time.

  • What is a promotional code, what it does provide, and how to get it?

    Promocode - is a special one-time code which will entitle you to discount while using our services. We love our subscribers, so periodically send promotional codes of different values as part of our e-mail newsletter. So do not forget to subscribe here!

  • What to do if I am dissatisfied with the sound after mixing and mastering?

    If you do not like the sound, please contact us. If this problem is on our part, we correct it as usually for free. If you make corrections and change the concept of the work - please contact with our sound engineer. Often, small corrections are free but, in any event, it is coordinated with our sound engineer. Complex corrections and changes in the concept, usually are paid in addition.

  • I need a special edition of the track from your library, does it possible?

    Yes, it is possible. This is quite a common practice for us. This service is paid separately. The cost depends on the number of necessary corrections. Write to us. There is always a solution!

  • I want the exclusive rights to one of your tracks. How do I get them?

    In some cases, we may transfer the exclusive rights for a song. Sometimes we transfer even the exceptional rights. All depends on the composition itself. Contact us and we will find the right solution together!

  • Can I use your music in commercials for YouTube?

    Of course! Our entire library is a licensed. You will not have problem with copyright on YouTube and other services in any case.

  • What is a license and why the price on the same track can be different?

    The price of a track depends on your needs, the number of copies the audience and of the product that uses the music. More information can be found here.

  • In what format do I get the track?

    wav 16bit. 44100 Hz + mp3 320 kbps.